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United Physicians International, Inc. (UPI) has been established as an Independent Physician Association (IPA).  A successful traditional IPA model based on membership and enrollment in United States of America.  Our patients receive emergency, urgent and real primary care and specialist medical services.  We are contracted with a complete line of specialists in Southern California, including hospitals, ancillary support systems, laboratories, pharmacies and radiological groups, as well as several, individual Filipino primary care physicians.

If you have Medicare or both Medicare and Medi-Cal, UPI provides most medical services at NO COST with $0 monthly premium and $0 or low co-pays. Over-the-counter medicine and supplies, as well as prescription medications, are covered.

Unus Universitas, Unus Valetado....One World, One Health

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Why choose a UPI Doctor?

  • Annual health screening and assessment
  • Direct referrals to specialists
  • Convenient locations
  • Urgent care services available
  • 24-Hour patient support services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Electronic health records
  • Transportation to medical clinic

Most importantly, we offer a Health Plan Education and Enrollment service. We will help you evaluate your Medicare and/or Medi-Cal options and determine the plan that offers you the best benefits that fit your lifestyle and health needs.